YWCA World Council focused on HIV/AIDS

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15 Juillet 2007

Four Girl Guides from Burundi and Kenya represented WAGGGS as young delegates at the YWCA World Council in Nairobi, Kenya, in July, which focused on the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Amina Hussein, Janet Rono, Myrine Duhorane and Fiona Kamikazi participated in four different events, the main two the Young Women’s Leadership Forum (YWLF), from 1 to 2 July, the International Women’s Summit (IWS) from 4 to 7 July and the Sokoni Market, which gave conference participants the opportunity to visit exhibitions and participate in various activities.
WAGGGS’ role in the fight against HIV/AIDS includes a wide range of approaches including our AIDS Badge Curriculum, launched in partnership with UNAIDS and ICASO in 1999, the advocacy work based on the slogan girls worldwide say “fight AIDS” and the many projects being carried out by our Member Organizations all over the world and especially in Africa.”
Participating in the conference, sharing best practices and gaining more tools and knowledge, was another way to affirm our commitment to HIV/AIDS and continue this important work
Mary Mc Phail, Chief Executive

Young Women’s Leadership Forum

At the YWLF, WAGGGS delegates engaged in two sessions—one where Mary Mc Phail spoke on the theme ‘Girls Growing up Smarter,’ and during the question and answer part of this session, Amina gave a statement on how girls become smarter through Guiding.
In the second session, WAGGGS representatives conducted an advocacy training session, which 40 young women attended.  

International Women’s Summit (IWS)

World Board and Communications Committee member Magda Murr spoke at a high-level breakout session on the effect of the AIDS pandemic on children and how WAGGGS is addressing the challenges worldwide.
WAGGGS and UNAIDS have run a joint project since 2006. One of the outcomes of this project will be new HIV prevention training modules. 
The World YWCA is a global movement of women leading change around the world. It reaches more than 25 million women and girls in 125 countries, providing them with the space and skills to develop leadership for the benefit of entire communities. Since 1999, the World YWCA has made HIV/AIDS a priority for advocacy, programmes, partnerships and resources.


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