Poor nutrition causes the death of 5.6 million children every year

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5 Mai 2006

Progress for Children: A Report Card on Nutrition says the proportion of children under five who are underweight has fallen only slightly since 1990.

The report charts national and regional progress towards the first Millennium Development Goal (MDG): to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger by 2015. Achieving this goal means halving the proportion of children who are underweight for their age. But current trends show the world is still far off track.

Today, 27 per cent of children in developing countries are underweight – around 146 million. Nearly three quarters of the world’s underweight children live in just ten countries, and over half in just three countries: Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Approximately 47 per cent of India’s under-five population is underweight.

WAGGGS is working in partnership with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization on an exciting project on the Right to Food which is part of its Our Rights, Our Responsibilities programme. Young people from several countries have produced cartoons looking at different aspects of food and nutrition which will be compiled in a publication.

Fifteen Member Organizations have already received the FAO/WAGGGS Nutrition Award - a prestigious award given to food and nutrition projects of excellence.