10 things to look forward to at the #35WoCo

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3 Juillet 2014

1. Young Women’s ConferenceYoung Women at 34th World Conference

The day before the official start of the conference, young women from around the World will have their own conference where they will meet, share ideas, and discuss topics such as leadership development, advocacy, and international international understanding. The Young Women will also be sent out in Hong Kong for a leadership challenge! Check the Daily Update on the World Conference pages this weekend for information on what happened.

2. The Opening Ceremony

Hong Kong Girl Guides are going to be putting on a fantastic opening ceremony, complete with a full Chinese banquet. There are most likely going to be a lot of food photos online with #35WoCo!

3. Nomination of the World Board

World Board 2013


On Tuesday 8 July the delegates at the conference will be voting in 6 new World Board members. Read all about the World Board Nominees in the World Board Election Booklet.



4. Presenting of the new Constitution

In Edinburgh at the 34th World Conference it was decided to modernize WAGGGS' governance, and in September 2013 the World Board agreed to make a recommendation to make WAGGGS an Incorporated Charity. You can read the Governance Review and the ICO Constitution here.

5. International Evening/World Market34th World Conference, Edinburgh, UK

In the evening on Tuesday 8 July, all of the delegates will come together for an evening of international culture and a world market! Delegates are encouraged to dress in their native dress, and Member Organizations get the opportunity to sell some of their unique merchandise, which can be bought with WAGGGYS, WAGGGS' official currecny.

6. Meeting the World Centres

Monday 7 July will be a session on the World Centres and the International Experience. Have you visited any World Centres? Read all about them here.

7. Presentation of the 2015-2017 strategic plan

This last triennium has proven that our movement is growing stronger each and every year. You have done so many things – from the launch of Stop the Violence and the Voices against violence curriculum, to the opening of our e-learning platform, Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting is reaching out into the community and changing lives everywhere. The next three years will focus on Connect.Grow.Impact – the theme of the conference. Read the Strategic Plan here.

8. Hearing some inspiring women speakers

We are blessed to have some amazing women as Keynote speakers this year. You can read their biographies here, and we will be giving live updates online during their speeches. 

9. Getting involved with Global Conversations 

The Global Conversations will be on the topics of Leadership, Free Being Me, and Stop the Violence. This will be a time for delegates to join sessions they are interested in, and get involved in a collaborative meeting, ask questions, and see brand new initiatives that are happening with our campaigns. (Spoiler - the newly refurbished Free Being Me website has been leaked and you can see it before the session here: http://www.free-being-me.com/).

See the full programme for other sessions.

10. Meeting with Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from all around the World in Hong Kong

The World Conference is a time for the movement to come together to make decisions, but it is also a time where we get to see each other and congratulate everyone for all of the hard work they do for the movement and for girls everywhere.

We can't wait to see you there!


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