Tribute to Maya Angelou

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29 Mai 2014

Today we lost a phenomenal woman and an inspiration to our movement, Maya Angelou.

Maya Angelou, born Marguerite Ann Johnson on 4 April 1928 in St. Louis Missouri, was a prominent figure in literature, activism, and the civil rights movement. She wrote 7 autobiographies including her most famous memoir, I know why the Caged Bird Sings in 1969.

During her lifetime Maya was an activist, author, poet, singer, actress and a role model to those seeking to overcome inequality and injustice. She was also an integral part to the civil rights movement and a friend of Martin Luther King Jr.

Many of Maya’s contributions to the world mirror the values we hold within the Guiding and Scouting Movement. A former Girl Scout, Maya gave a message to her fellow Girl Scouts during the 2011 Girl Scouts National Convention and Centenary Celebrations on how far woman have come, and how much further we can still go.

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts would like to honour Ms. Angelou for her lifetime of achievement, and send our condolences to her friends, family, and anyone she touched with her great works.


Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.

I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size   

But when I start to tell them,Maya Angelou

They think I’m telling lies.

I say,

It’s in the reach of my arms,

The span of my hips,   

The stride of my step,   

The curl of my lips.   

I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman,   

That’s me.

-       Maya Angelou, Phenomenal Woman



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