Design Competition for new FAPW Awards

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23 Avril 2014

Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS Logo 2012The Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS (FAPW) is introducing new awards with the name "FAPW Awards". This new name encompasses three important components – that they are Friends’ Awards, in the Asia Pacific Region and connected with and recognised by WAGGGS. The two new awards are to recognize continued donations above the level of Major Donor and awarded when a member’s donations reach a cumulative total of GBP 3,000 or GBP 5,000.

Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS old logoIn conjunction with this, the FAPW is having a design competition for the new awards. The design will be used to produce a pin or brooch in silver and gold to denote the different levels of continued donations. The design should incorporate the "Asia Pacific dove" which is in the original logo of the Asia Pacific Region before WAGGGS' rebranding exercise. The dove represents "flying freely, symbolized the Pacific Ocean, liberty and peace".

Design Competition for the new FAPW Awards

  • Open to FAPW members and members of Asia Pacific Member Organizations.
  • The design is to be for a small and elegant pin or brooch that may be worn by men or women, as a lapel pin or brooch or hanging from a ribbon in Asia Pacific aqua.
  • Entries of the design in JPEG format to be emailed to Susan Locsin and Ching Ching Wee-Ong  by 15 May 2014.
  • Winner will be notified on 1 June 2014.
  • The winner will receive a special plaque bearing the winning design, presented at the event in Hong Kong or received by a representative of the winner’s Member Organization. 
  • The first awards may be presented at the gathering in Hong Kong. 



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