A Tare for a Month!

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7 Avril 2014

It was exciting to welcome the 4 Week March Tare. We had eight participants from UK, Belgium, Sweden, USA, India, Costa Rica and Pakistan alongside our existing 5, 12 week. This programme we had a great diversity in the group and also several new things to get excited about, we had our first participant from Bharat Scouts and Guides India, first participant from Pakistan and also first male participant. It was also very good to see our 12 Week Tare very confident to support the new Tare on the sites and sharing their knowledge and experience.

Community Programme Participants 4 Week

During March we were able to go on several outings to visit other Community Partners. We visited Alandi temple and Toulapur Temple, to explore more about Indian Culture as well as Ishwari, a women’s cooperative group who are based in a rural location but give skills to local women, we were shown around by Sister Rosalia and had a delicious lunch which also coincided with Emelie, one of the 4 week Tare’s 20th birthday which was a fun way to celebrate the day. 

Community Programme Participants in Alandi

We also took guests and Tare to visit ECF (Equal Community Foundation) who do great community action work with boys and men in the slum communities of Pune raising their awareness of violence and promoting positive male role models in the community. We are hoping to be able to work more with them and the Community Programme in the near future.

During March India celebrates Holi, the Colour festival. Liv one of our 12 week Tare has been working with eCoexist, who make natural Holi colours and had her 10 weeks of hard work rewarded after helping plan and execute several Holi Hearts parties which Tare and Sangam Volunteers volunteered alongside eCoexist at some of our Community Partners. We took colour and snacks to both Maher and Tara Mobile Creche and played with all the residents and children at both sites to give them a special day full of smiles and colour.

Sarah at Tara Mobile Creche for Holi

We then had a huge group Holi party here at Sangam, with lots of colour, water, food, music and dancing. It was so much fun and a very memorable experience for everyone.

Time flew so fast and it was soon time for all the Tare to go home. Their last week was spend saying goodbye to everyone at site and at Sangam, reflecting on the experiences, new skills and achievements during their time in Community Programme and as a final surprise we arranged Rickshaw driving for them all. We had a great time learning the ropes with Raju and Deepak who were very patient with our driving skills. Mina even showed us all how easy it was. 

Tare Surprise with Mina Driving

We have now got 10 applicants accepted on our Special July Community Programme, but have plenty of opportunities to come and Be a Tare for 12 weeks from the end of August, and 4 weeks in October and November. For more information click on the link above or contact Minakshi, our Community Relations Manager, at crm@sangamworldcentre.org.

We look forward to seeing you all at Sangam soon – Mina and Max