Ohio Girl Scouts Celebrate World Friendship Day

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24 Mars 2014

World Friendship Day 2014

Sophia Paudel

Troop 90115


Copley-Fairlawn Girl Scouts have been celebrating World Friendship Day since 2004. World Friendship Day, or Thinking Day, is a way for girls in our community to explore and educate others about different cultures all over the world. It is also a way to learn and accept the differences of children and other Girl Scouts who live outside the U.S, and by doing so, we gain a better understanding of the world around us.

            This year, 17 troops participated in World Friendship Day, which was held at Copley High School on Saturday, February 23.  In all, about 217 girls attended. Girls this year were to bring in 330 pennies, to help with disaster relief in the Philippines.

            We started off the activities with the opening flag ceremony, performed by Troop 90198. Then, Troop 90982 performed a traditional Italian dance. Before we started visiting the different displays, Troop 90198 put on a skit of the 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics.

            There were many beautiful displays set up, featuring a variety of unique countries and cultures. Among these were France, the Philippines, Ireland, Italy, South Korea, Canada, Chile, Rwanda, England, Sweden, Fiji, Mexico, Slovenia, Greece, China, Brazil, and Israel. The ages of the girls participating ranged from five years to fifteen years old.

            Towards the end of the event, all the troops met in the high school auditorium. Troop 90968 played a French folk song on their band instruments. Then, we had a guest speaker talk to us via Skype. Bonnie Kearns is the grandmother of Troop 90115’s Molly Bagotto. Bonnie was a Canadian Girl Guide and continues to enjoy many Guiding activities today. She talked to us about her volunteer work with the Red Cross. She had been deployed around the world to help with natural disasters, poverty, conflict, and war. Some of the places she has been sent to include Louisiana, New York, Haiti, Afghanistan, Puerto Rico, and Jordan, and she described her unique experiences in each county.

            We left World Friendship Day 2014 with a richer knowledge of the world. Many girls were inspired by the guest speaker. It was a wonderful experience that we hope will continue for years to come!