Are you ready for World Thinking Day 2014?

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17 Février 2014

World Thinking Day is a day were Guides and Girl Scouts come together to celebrate the International Friendship and spirit that we share by being in Guiding and Girl Scouting! World Thinking Day is held each year on 22 February, the day of Lord and Lady Baden Powell's birthday!

The theme for this year's World Thinking Day is 'education opens doors for all boys and girls,' which is Millennium Development Goal 2. Have a look on the World Thinking Day Website for more information on how we can achieve universal primary education. Download the Activity Pack with lots of cool activities to do with your unit, group, troop or friends!

Today at Sangam we are starting our World Thinking Day Event with participants from Australia and Canada. Last year we had great fun and can't wait to see what happens this year!

This year on World Thinking Day in the morning we will celebrate with over 400 local Guides and Scouts from the Pune Bharat Scouts and Guides on our Camp site. We will share activities with the Guides and Scouts and they have prepared dances for us to watch too! In the evening, our participants will plan our World Thinking Day Ceremony that is traditionally held in the World Thinking Day Courtyard.


Get Involved 

Even though you aren't at Sangam, you can still be involved in our World Thinking Day celebrations!

In the afternoon we are planning to have a Google Hangout On Air with the other World Centres, so watch our Social Media for more information!

Make sure you send us your World Thinking Day message and it will appear on our virtual World Thinking Day Courtyard Tree!


Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for more exciting news about World Thinking Day at Sangam!

Want to celebrate World Thinking Day at Sangam? Why not come for World Thinking Day Event in 2015 and 2016!! Spots are available, just email