Costa Rica - One Christmas, 200 Actions

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2 Janvier 2014

Costa Rica, One Christmas, 200 Actions

This Costa Rica decided to celebrate Christmas in a different way by running projects in local communities with the aim of showing the entire country that they are ready and willing to serve.  The projects were a way to remind everyone of the true meaning of Christmas at a time when the pressures of consumerism makes us forget the realities around us. 

That is why the Asociación de Guías y Scouts de Costa Rica over the course of one day carried out 200 good deeds and projects based around five main topics:  Christmas with Hope, Christmas with Inclusion, Christmas and the Environment, Christmas Together and Christmas with Values. 

Among the projects were:

Alajuela: organising a collection of food, clothes, furniture and toys for a family who had recently lost all their possessions in a fire. 

Cartago:  making and installing waste removal bins and building ramps for people with disabilities. 

Brunca: in light of the huge increase in the abandonment and mistreatement of animals, we joined forces with the Animal Protection Society in organising a fundraising collection for animal rescue centres. 

This represents the grain of sand that the Association is contributing to give hope in Costa Rica in the face of increasing violence, poverty, the destruction of the environment, individuality and loss of values. 

We want the celebration to be remembered each year as the day on which we put aside all our differences and join forces.  

One Christmas, 200 Actions was not only a day to celebrate but also to share, get to know each other and learn.  People who had never been involved in our Movement had the chance to be GG/GS for a day.    


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