WAGGGS youth activist blogs on impact of MDGs in Sir Lanka

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18 Décembre 2013

The 58th Session of the Commission on Status of Women (CSW) , which will be held in March 2014 will focus on the "Challenges and achievements in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals for women and girls". The World Association has already selected the delegates to represent WAGGGS at this important event. Importantly, for CSW 58 we will also have a large group of virtual (remote) delegates who will be supporting the delegation ahead of and during the CSW. Watch this space to find out about the delegates in in the new year!

In the beginning of December, a two-day Stakeholders' Forum was organized by UN Women to provide input into CSW58 and beyond, by bringing together diverse voices on the progress made towards the MDGs as well as the challenges that remain in their implementation for women and girls. Among the panellists for the Forum was our very own delegate, Chamathya Fernando from Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association. Chamathya is one of the Delegate Coordinators for the WAGGGS delegation to CSW 58 and was a youth delegate in the CSW 57, which focused on elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls. Read Chamathya’ s blog prepared for the UN Women. 

In Sri Lanka’s low-income urban settlements, MDG results are a mixed bag for women and girls- Chamathya's blog for UN Women