WAGGGS delegates at COP 19 become eyes and ears for UK Met Office

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13 Novembre 2013

The WAGGGS delegates for COP 19 have been busy in Warsaw, Poland for almost a week now - lobbying decision makers, networking with the media and learning about how they can make a difference to climate change policy.

Not only have they been writing and filming blogs to keep you updated at home, they’ve also been filming for a new project with the UK Met Office’s fantastic team, ‘My Climate and Me’.

My Climate and Me’ encourages youth participation in climate change issues by filming young people engaged in climate change activities and by taking questions to climate scientists that youth want answering.

Armed with two flipcams, the WAGGGS delegates have been filming every moment of their adventure. From entering the Stadium in Warsaw to meeting their National Delegation to reflecting on their progress in their daily debriefs, every moment is captured on camera for the world to see.

Alongside this, questions were collected from 1st Topsham Guides in South West England prior to the conference and sent to the delegates. This is an amazing opportunity for girls on the ground to get a unique insight into climate change from not only the delegates themselves but also the experts that the delegation will have access to.

Some of the questions submitted were:COP19 Sylvia

  • Which country is doing the most to reduce waste and save energy?
  • What percentage of climate change is caused by humans?
  • What needs to happen at this COP to ensure our planet is saved from the worst devastation?


What would you ask a climate scientist if you met them? What would you ask our delegates?

The WAGGGS delegation are excited to see the results of their filming and to provide the Guides of 1st Topsham with some interesting answers.

The youth of today are the decision makers of tomorrow and hopefully this video will inspire other youth to get involved in climate change activities.

 Make sure you stay up to date with our delegates by visiting their daily blog!