Looking Forward to 2015

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29 Octobre 2013

2015 is going to be a an exciting year at Our Cabaña.  There are lots of great events planned with truely a World of Possibilities.

Why not think about booking a trip to Mexico, you could come as a family or with girls or leaders.A World of Possibilities

Some of the Hightlights will include:

April 1 - 9

Splash into spring at Our Cabaña

What better way to celebrate spring than in the city of eternal spring. Enjoy a wonderful week of Friendship, trips to discover Mexico, Service in the Community, learning experiences and many opportunities to splash about in Mexico.

Summer Friendship Events

Meet and work with Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from other countries. Take part in a Service Project, learn about Mexico and its culture and travel to fantastic places.

  • June 23 – July 1
  • July 6 – 14
  • July 27 – August 4
  • August 6 – 14
  • August 17 – 25 

September 14 - 19

Mexican Independence Day Celebration

During this 5 night event we will find out why independence is so important while having the chance to explore other special holidays in Mexico. On Independence Day itself we will visit a local town to see the traditional celebrations. 

November 11 – 16

Mexican Crafts and Culture

This 5 night event will include visits to local markets as well as craft and cultural demonstrations by local artisans. 

For more infromation on any of these events or to plan your own stay through one of our pick and mix programs please email ourcabana@ourcabana.org.mx