Your Take Action Backpack is ready! Start your journey to save children’s and mothers’ lives today.

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25 Septembre 2013

This World Thinking Day we announced that we would be launching a Take Action Backpack to give you the knowledge, tools and inspiration to start your journey on MDGs 4 and 5. Today we are officially launching the completed Backpack and we need you to pick it up and start your journey.

Each World Thinking Day WAGGGS focuses on a different Millennium Development Goal (MDG) to raise awareness and give our members the opportunity to take action on the global issues affecting them and their world. 2013 focused on child and maternal health which are MDGs 4 and 5. Through a range of activities our members educated others and ran events on these two goals; however we called for you to do even more.

Worldwide decision-makers in many countries do not deliver on the commitments they have made, so it is our job to demand from them a commitment to change the life-threatening realities for millions of children and women worldwide.

With this in mind, we have created the Take Action Backpack to help you on your journey to save children’s and mothers’ lives.  As in every journey, your Backpack needs to be packed with the essentials. To help you plan and undertake this important journey, the Backpack provides you with a set of tools. From using our Calendar of key dates to plan your events and campaigns to reading the factsheets on child and maternal health to using the sample presentation to organize your events and the sample letter to address the key decision-makers, there is something for everyone.

An important part of this journey is about demanding rights. Child and maternal health is a fundamental human right. Right to life and survival, right to education, right to food – these are all fundamental human rights inextricably linked to health. Children and women have the right to life, yet they die of preventable and treatable causes. Children and women have the right to health, yet they face economic, social and cultural challenges in accessing health services, children and women have the right to food, yet under-nutrition contributes to more than a third of child deaths and to at least a fifth of maternal deaths.[1] The Backpack takes you through the key human rights and important agreements that will help you to hold decision-makers accountable.

We know that the multitude of information out there on children and maternal health can be intimidating but the Backpack takes you back to the basics and puts all of this information into one place for you. It provides you with a comprehensive library of the most up-to-date and relevant information ranging from global strategies and publications of key UN Agencies to films and videos, as well as tools produced by other organizations.

We want to measure the great impact that girl guiding has on improving child and maternal health and count the journeys undertaken with this Backpack. So even if you don’t have any idea where your journey is going to take you or where you’re going to end up, don’t forget your Backpack! And remember, with each journey, we get a step closer to reducing child and maternal mortality.

[1] Countdown to 2015 report highlights, available at: