WAGGGS leadership online successes

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3 Juin 2013

WAGGGS Leadership Online Successes

WAGGGS has been developing and trialling a new approach to leadership development through its e-learning project. We are now running courses using a four stage structure that has been developed specifically for WAGGGS and the results are very successful.

Through our Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Reading we have  developed a bespoke e-learning approach which is unique to WAGGGS. Our focus has been on our leadership development programme, to extend the impact of the already successful WLDP. 

We are now able to offer a four stage approach which provides participants accessible and interactive learning materials, interaction with members from around the world, facilitated discussions on leadership topics and experiential learning opportunities.

We are receiving very positive results and feedback from participants, who are from all over the world, varying in cultural background, age and experience level. 

The subject based discussions are hosted each week by trained e-facilitators and buddies (strong participants from previous courses who continue their development through supporting peers). Within these discussions participants are able to share perspectives, experiences and explore the leadership topics in depth.

They also take part in patrol tasks which require them to function as a team to work together utilizing the leadership, team work and personal development aspects which are covered within the course. In this way participants are able to experience leadership and teamwork first hand to better understand the concepts discussed.  

E-learning result
Across the stages participants have visibly improved their understanding of key leadership topics, ability to engage with others in their learning and demonstrated leadership qualities through the patrol tasks. The level of engagement and quality of work has been very impressive as you can see from these examples.
Click here to listen to a short clip from a radio show produced by participants on stage 3 of our Leadership online course. 
Paulette St. Ville from Dominica, Heather Gardiner from Canada and Marina Ball from the U.S.A had a task brief to work together (remotely) to produce some promotional material for the course. This could take the form of a presentation, a poster or audio/visual material. Each participant recorded their own contribution from their own country and the full version includes interviews with other participants on the course and Guides/Scouts involved in other projects.  
elearning work

Courses are available now. For more information and to sign up please see: http://www.wagggsworld.org/en/take_action/leadershipdevelopment/elearning


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