Fifth World Centre pilot events take place in Africa Region

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25 Juillet 2012

The first of four experimental Fifth World Centre pilot project events has taken place in Ghana, attended by 25 participants from eight African countries.

Ghana Girl Guides Association hosted a Fund Development and Leadership Development training event from 21 to 27 July.

This was part of a larger ongoing pilot project to test the concept of a mobile World Centre in the Africa Region.

The two-year pilot project – which was ceremonially launched at the Ghanaian event – will test whether WAGGGS could use Member Organizations’ existing training venues to deliver World Centre events.

The event in Ghana will be followed by subsequent Fifth World Centre pilot project events in South Africa (October 2012), Kenya (January to March 2013) and Rwanda (May 2013). The Fifth World Centre pilot project will last for two years overall and has been funded by a grant from the Maersk Moller Foundation.

The pilot project findings will be presented at the 35th World Conference in Hong Kong in 2014.

You can get updates on the pilot project by liking the Fifth World Centre pilot project Facebook page, watching for updates on the WAGGGS website, and checking out photos from pilot project events on the WAGGGS Flickr feed.

Fifth World Centre pilot project history

The pilot project is the product of years of discussion to develop a financially and operationally viable World Centre presence in the Africa Region.

In 2010, the Africa Regional Conference unanimously agreed that the Africa Committee would explore opportunities to deliver World Centre experiences within existing facilities in Africa, and that the World Board should consider innovative delivery approaches for a Fifth World Centre and for hosting international experiences for girls and young women in Africa.

In July 2011 during the 34th World Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, a motion was passed to create an experimental two-year pilot project that could potentially lead to the creation of a Fifth World Centre in the Africa Region.

A grant was secured to fund the pilot and former Africa Region development executive Marie-Paule Rafenoarisoa was recruited to work on the project full time.

A year after the motion was passed at the World Conference, and after countless hours of work, the pilot project events are now happening!


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