Be one of 10,000 voices against violence on 10 April

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5 Avril 2012

Centenary Celebration Day is approaching on 10 April, and we need a final push to help us reach our target of collecting 10,000 voices to speak out and stop violence against girls and young women.

Girls togetherWe have been collecting voices for our Stop the Violence campaign, with the aim of reaching our target of 10,000. On 10 April, share your voice. You can help to stop violence against girls and young women by adding your voice to our campaign.

This is a chance for you to make a personal impact in the fight to stop all forms of violence against girls and young women.

Stop the Violence

It is also one of the ways you can participate in the ‘Share’ theme for 2012, the third and final year of our centenary celebrations.

Imagine if the voices of all 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 145 countries came together in one unified shout against violence – what a powerful voice for change.

If we can get as many voices as possible shouting “Stop the violence” together on 10 April, our message will grow much louder.

You can spread the message even further by liking the campaign page on Facebook, or following the campaign on Twitter.

Campaign launch coming next week

Keep watching the WAGGGS website, Facebook page or Twitter stream for exciting news on 10 April, when we will launch a powerful new global campaign for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to get involved with. All you need is your imagination!


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