Liberian President pledges support for Girl Guiding in Africa Region

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17 Février 2012

The President of Liberia, H.E. Ellen Sirleaf Johnson, has praised Girl Guiding for helping to educate girls and keep them off the streets.

H.E. Ellen Sirleaf Johnson with Alice WaweruWAGGGS Africa Region development executive Alice Waweru discussed Girl Guiding with H.E. the President in a meeting which Alice described as “a huge success”.

Educating girls

H.E. the President thanked the Liberian Girl Guides Association (LGGA) for helping to move girls off the streets. She said declining literacy levels among Liberian girls was a major concern, and that too many girls are leaving school early.

H.E. The President has championed girls' education during her presidency and established the Liberia Girls Education Foundation to improve girls’ access to education.

H.E. the President was also impressed by the WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP), which helps girls to develop their leadership skills.

H.E. Ellen Sirleaf Johnson with LGGA National President Nagu CooperGirl Guiding in Liberia

She also pledged to visit LGGA’s headquarters and to work with the LGGA chair to help the organization form a strategy to make the best economic use of its 32 acres of land.

Alice explained WAGGGS’ centenary celebrations to H.E. the President, and told her about WAGGGS Africa Region’s work to revive Girl Guiding in Liberia following civil war in the country.

LGGA is one of the oldest WAGGGS Memer Organizations in the Region. Alice also thanked H.E. the President on behalf of WAGGGS, for the support that the Liberian Ministry of Youth and Gender gives to LGGA.

H.E. the President was invited to join the Friends of WAGGGS Africa scheme, to show her special interest in the WAGGGS Africa region.


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