Number of cases of HIV rises worldwide

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21 Novembre 2005

The number of people living with HIV is at its highest yet, a UN report shows. 

UNAIDS says there an estimated 40.3m people currently living with the virus across the world, with almost 5m infected in 2005. It also warns there are growing epidemics in Eastern Europe and Central and East Asia. 

However, the report praises some groups who have lowered their rates of HIV; these include young people in Uganda where education and prevention efforts have helped reduce HIV infection.

The report says access to antiretroviral treatments for HIV have improved dramatically, with many more people across the world able to access the drugs. 

It says: "It is no longer only in the wealthy countries of North America and Western Europe that persons in need of treatment have a reasonable chance of receiving it. Treatment coverage in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Cuba now exceeds 80%." 

But UNAIDS says the situation is still very difficult for people in the poorest countries of the world, especially in Africa and some Asian countries.

The report makes a call for more sustained prevention work.
It adds: "Bringing Aids under control will require tackling with greater resolve the underlying factors that fuel these epidemics - including social inequalities and injustices."