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So, what did we do today……………………….???  Getting on so well - it’s a struggle to keep us apart!



Everybody can be a leader, choose your style.T
hinking about Leadership Styles: In groups, we acted out what democratic, autocratic and laissez-faire leadership might look like, both effectively and ineffectively delivered. Within these there can also be four main approaches, directing, supporting, coaching and delegating.
Understanding Leadership Qualities: We learned about the following four types of leader a Magician, a Lover, a Warrior, and a Sovereign. Our task was to see which of these we identified with most.
Tailors measure Kara for her sareeEvaluating the Leadership Styles of people we are inspired by: Each participant had made a poster about an inspiring leader. We investigated whether their approach was similar or different to ours.
Saree Shopping!!!!
Dinner OutWaiting outside the Aga Khan Palace
Aga Khan Palace: We visited the placed where Ghandi was imprisoned for a number of years. An octogenarian lady who had met Ghandi told us how his leadership style had made a big impression on her life and motivated her to pioneer the emancipation of women.
Yawning now – What a busy day!!

Thank you again for all your messages, they are very encouraging - keep them coming! Don’t forget we can also answer any questions you have for us, just put them in the comments box.
P.S. Did you know between us we have 783 years guiding experience!!!!!!!!!!!!


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