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Advocacy in Action
Mobile Creche - education in the form of playToday our seminar focused on the topic of advocacy. We were fortunate enough to be able to visit three non-governmental organizations that are doing great work in their local community.
The Mobile Crèche is a centre where non-formal education takes place. It is basically for the children of the workers on construction sites and it aims at protecting children from accidents while educating them.
All things come and go, but the inspiration from Sangam never goes.

The mobile classroom of the Doorstep SchoolThe founder of the Doorstep School attended a seminar at Sangam and this inspired and motivated her to look into the issue of providing education for those children who had no access to it. 

The Doorstep School takes care of the children who can’t go to school, especially those children whose parents work on the construction of buildings. 

There are some small classrooms as well as a bus which transports children to and from school as well as acting as a classroom itself. The teachers at the school focus on educating young children aged 3-6 years old.

Sewing courses in the community by YWCAThe Young Women’s Christian Association works passionately on a diverse range of projects to empower women, using a large network of volunteers, among these – they provide shelter for women in distress because of domestic violence or family conflicts. 

Another important program is doing home based education of women, like nursing and sewing courses.
If we are to build things in the future, we believe that these experiences today are our point of inspiration which will never die. 
Making friends at the Juliette Low SeminarIn the afternoon, we had free time to do some shopping and learn more about the Indian culture. Some of us were extremely lucky to be invited into the home of a local Indian family to celebrate the Pune festival and experience the local culture first hand. 

Thank you very much to everyone who has spent time emailling us - we have greatly enjoyed reading your messages and it has helped to inspire us as we learn more about leadership at this seminar.

Gulabi Patrol (Rose)

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