Regional Qualification on Educational Programme Development

12 novembre 2013 - 18 novembre 2013

The Arab Region, WAGGGS organized a Regional Qualification Training on Educational Programme Development during the period from 12 to 18 November 2013. The Kuwait Girl guides Association hosted the event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel .
Mexico Naturally

11 novembre 2013 - 16 novembre 2013

This 5 nights event is specifically for nature lovers who would like to find out more about the wildlife living in and around Our Cabaña and also the surrounding areas.
Fifth World Centre Pilot Project - Community Action Experience in Kenya

20 octobre 2013 - 17 novembre 2013

This is a one-month experience where participants will have the opportunity to involve themselves in Kenyan life and culture while undertaking a Community Action project as part of the Fifth World Centre pilot project.

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