WLDP/NLDP training in Oman

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1 Juin 2014- 8 Juin 2014

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WLDP/NLDP Training in Oman2Under the theme "Leaders know the way, go the way, share the way", the Arab Region organized a joint WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP) training, and WAGGGS National Leadership Development Programme (NLDP) training, hosted by the Scout and guides of Oman.

The event took place during the period from 1 to 8 June 2014.

It was a unique opportunity to build leadership capacity at an international and national level aiming to develop both leadership and quality guiding in MOs.

In an attempt to promote partnership, the Arab Region extended the invitation to all other four Regions.

Purpose of the Training event

Arab region WLDPThe WLDP provides an opportunity for existing and actively developing leaders to develop their international leadership skills and experiences and provides a constructive and supportive environment for progressive self-development.

The international aspect of the WLDP provides a cross cultural learning experience and builds international friendship and networks. The development is aimed to meet to the needs of the individual and the needs of the member organisation.

Furthermore, the Arab Region participants were also introduced to the National Leadership Development Programme (NLDP) aimed at developing skills to deliver leadership training at a national level.  They took this opportunity to also decide on a development plan on National level and agree on ways of work for its implementation.

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The aim of t he event

To build capacity in MOs and grow leaders at a national level

The objectives of the event

WLDP/NLDP Training in Oman

To provide an opportunity in an international context to:

  • Understand roles and responsibilities of leaders
  • Explore needs of girls and young women
  • Understand the role of governance in good leadership
  • Explore cultural differences in Leadership
  • Understand yourself as a leader
  • Develop coaching as a way to support leadership

For participants of the Arab Region, the objectives of NLDP were:

  • Introduce concept, methods and approach of NLDP
  • Agree on ways to implement learning at National level and agree on next steps 

This was indeed a very exciting development opportunity and initiative for the Arab Region. We would like to thank the Leadership Team for helping us facilitate this event and we would also equally like to thank the Scouts and Guides of Oman for their invaluable support to ensure the success of this event


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