National Leadership Development Programme: Train the Trainers Event

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14 Mars 2013

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WAGGGS are delighted to announce a forthcoming flagship leadership development training at Pax Lodge, London. This event is a pilot project and responds to the 34th World Conference decision, to deliver elements of the WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP) at National level to member organisations. It is an exciting and significant phase in WAGGGS programme of Leadership Development. The event in May will be a training for Trainers to deliver the programme within their Member Organisations.


34th World Conference Decision

•Continuously develop WAGGGS Leadership Development Program (WLDP) by:

•Exploring opportunities for developing regional/and or national WLDP elements and to run regional and/or national pilot WLDP-element events

•Making the existing WLDP accessible to more of the many qualified girls and young women in WAGGGS round the world.

•Using the valuable experiences (methods, theory and material) gained from the WLDP to create tailor –made leaders training adapted to the needs of the different Member Organisations at world, regional and/or national level

•Making sure that the existing WLDP is continuously evaluated and developed due to new developments on leadership, diversity and gender to secure the relevance and sustainability of the programme


Purpose of the Training event

The event will specifically train Trainers from identified countries to deliver leadership development programmes at a National level. The Trainers will be introduced to elements of the WLDP programme; the approach, the materials, some core leadership topics and some further development on how to train other Trainers.


Date of the event

The event will take place onMay 5th –10th, 2013 at Pax Lodge, London.


Please note, participants are expected to arrive no later than 12pm on May 5th and depart by the morning of May 11th. Any longer stays requiring additional accommodation will not be funded by WAGGGS.


Criteria for the Trainers attending

To ensure we have the best Trainers to deliver the programme, we ask that nominated Trainers fully satisfy the following essential criteria:

•Experienced trainers who have an understanding of the leadership development needs in their countries

•Active Trainers who are Members of the National Trainers Pool and have delivered a minimum of TWO trainings in the last 12 months

•Trainers who are willing and available to run similar trainings in their own countries after the training event

•Trainers who have a good understanding of English, written and spoken