Viva Mexico at the Mariachi rhythm!!!

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28 Janvier 2013- 6 Février 2013

Téléphone: +527773152650

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calendar20138Mexico´s most famous drink is the Tequila but where does tequila come from. What is the process and the tradition behind this exclusive drink. Our participants will be able to experience and know all they have ever wanted to know about tequila´s destilling process in a relaxed and exciting way.  


We will start the event at Our Cabaña where we will have the opportunity to be part of many activities to learn about Mexico and its culture, run a community action project and learn about WAGGGS projects and Initiatives.  

calendar20139Then we will travel overnight to the beautiful city of Guadalajara, land of the Mariachi,  where we will have the opportunity to discover the most amazing places of the city, enjoy the Mariachi music and take a tour to learn the process of producing Tequila.  



Includes trips to: Cuernavaca, Xochicalco and Guadalajara

Cost per person: US$1350