From Silver to Gold I, Sangam's 47th Birthday

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7 Octobre 2013- 18 Octobre 2013


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Welcome to your post event page, From Silver to Gold participants! We hope you are all doing well back in England, Scotland, Wales, Guernsey and Jersey!  Sangam is very quiet without you ladies here, but we are busy getting ready for the next batch of four week Tare to arrive and saying farewell to the four week Tare who were onsite when you were here. Also, Kara, Amy and Marel are about so finish their terms so some hellos and goodbyes which is always the way at Sangam. However, they like you are always part of the Sangam family and carry the Spirit of Sangam with you. 

On this page, we have all the links for your exciting event media! Attached on the right side of this page is the Sangam Snapshot. We have also left your Event Flier attached as well-maybe you want to download it for your scrapbook!?!Some of you had asked for the Sangam Cup Information to be accessible for later. For your convenience it is below the Sangam Snapshot.

Here are Sangelee’s Favourite Pictures!

If you would like to keep any of the above photos, you can click on the slideshow to view the album in Picasa. You can then download and save them to your own computer. Please do this as soon as possible, as we may have to delete them when we load photos of other events.

Here are the links to your event videos, made by our amazing Sangam Volunteers and Interns.


Tare Fun Day

Birthday Video

We had many special events happen during your event! We hope you will be able to share everything you experienced with your family, friends, and groups back home!

We were very excited to announce the launch of the Search for the Fiftieth Birthday Planning Team here is the link to share with anyone who is interested in applying to be part of the Planning Team.

Here is the link to the Melinda Carroll Explore Your World Centres Webinar that many of you stayed up very late to attend after our fantastic birthday party!

During International Day of the Girl while we were at the Aditi Learning Centre, WAGGGS launched the 'Voices Against Violence' Campaign Curriculum, go here to find out more about it! WAGGGS  just announced their partnership with Dove called 'Free Being Me' which you can more about here. The partnership is a joint commitment to empower girls to reach their full potential in life through initiatives that strengthen body confidence and self-esteem so the way they think they look never holds them back. During our '10 Million Girls Session' at at Sangam our volunteers have been previewing some of the activities with our participants over the last season.


The comments on this page are open, so feel free to leave us or your fellow event participants a message. We'd love to hear about what you learned, your favourite activity, any presentations you may have given about your trip or even just to say hi! Also, we’d love to hear how your travels went in India post your stay with us.

Don’t forget to find us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to stay in touch with Sangam and sign up for the Community Programme e-Newsletter!

Thanks so much for joining us, don’t forget all the great things you learned during Sangam Tiffin, and may Sangam be ever with you,

Sangelee and your Sangam Family




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