Tuesday 22 November

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COP 17 delegate at schoolToday, we got up early to visit Marianhill Primary School and teach a class of nine-year-olds about climate change. Fezile and Thombi, two of our South African delegates, did an excellent job of translating English to the children’s native language of Zulu during the program. After a brief introduction to explain what WAGGGS is and why we were visiting them, we taught them a short song with actions representing different animals. We then put our training into action when we used non-formal education to teach the students two environment-focused games: a matching exercise and a Pictionary game.  As our last exercise, we had the students write a climate action promise on paper leaves. They kept one leaf as a reminder of their promise, and gave the other to us to display at COP17. Everyone had a great experience, and the kids were very excited to learn from us and actively participated in our activities.

COP 17 DelegatesAfter spending time exploring the local area with the South African Guides, we worked on our action plans for our projects at home, further developing our ideas. We also met in our working groups (media and action, education, and gender) and discussed plans for COP17.

Before dinner, two groups of South African Girl Guides visited and presented on the environment and culture. One group, the Hillcrest Guides, shared their environmental projects, including poems, a poster, a fashion show of clothing made of newspaper and trash bags, and a climate change song. A group of South African-Indian Guides, the Everest Guides, performed an Indian Bollywood dance and presented a brief history of Indians in South Africa and of the country’s world heritage sites.

Overall, we enjoyed a day full of fun and teamwork, and grew as a team as we carried out projects and discussed ideas.

By Elaine (USA) and Beatrice (Kenya)

Litter in the Nature Park

A poem by Phoebe van Brughan, one of the South African Hillcrest Guides

Did you drop it?
Did you drop it?
Well, really only you can stop it.
Pollution is everywhere,
Don't make it worse.
Pick up your litter,
Before a creature eats it.
Destruction of our planet,
Only YOU can stop it.
Come on, come on, you must try it.
Listen, listen. Make it happen.
Tell me, tell me, all about it. 


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