Helen Storrow Seminar: Wednesday

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Flaming News from the Fire Waves....

Helen Storrow  Seminar2010 Living TeamsWe started our morning with a short reflection as usual, and this morning it consisted of sharing our photo collages, made from Sunday's photos.

As the morning progressed we were asked to define the difference between a group and a team. This involved a lot of discussion, activities and self analysation. Something that stood out to us was that Together Everyone Achieves More.

We also learnt about the 8R's of Teams... they are the conditions that are essential for an effective team. Right Direction; Room (Framing); Resources; Responsibilities; Roles; Rules; Routines and Relations.


Helen Storrow Seminar2010 StorytellingAnnaThe leadership and team building activity that stood out to us the most was where there was a drawing on a flip chart in another room... and each member of the team, in turn ran out to look at the drawing, and ran back to draw a part of the diagram on a book. This challenged us to think ahead and strategise! After the first time, the planning team changed the original picture after the game had began to see how we would react. We passed!


Helen Storrow  Seminar2010 StorytellingConflict and strategies for conflict resolution caused us to think deeply about situations we've been in, or have seen. We looked at several models for analysing and solving conflict. The 4D's was our favourite conflict resolution model... Discover, Dream, Design, Do/Deliver.

The night ended with a story sharing circle from our childhoods... complete with blankets, pillows and a candle!

Love The Awesome FireWaves!!!! (Burn Baby Burn!)




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