Day 3 - Sangam

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22 March 2011

Today we dug deeper into the different factors that affect our realities so that could understand better how to deal with them.

We started the morning by greeting one of our sisters from Egypt, Mai, who is celebrating her birthday. We took turns giving her our birthday greetings in our own languages for the whole day.

We then proceeded to talk about environmental scanning and how it could be an important advocacy tool we can use to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals.

“Environmental scan was a topic and we spoke about elements of environment like legal, social, cultural, economical, physical, political and technological forces.”

We then moved on into looking at diversity in different levels. The discussion and the sharing of ideas were very interesting and it got us thinking about the power and the richness of the fact that we are part of a Movement of 10 million girls from diverse backgrounds. This is, for sure, something we have to celebrate.

“We are most innovative when we stand at the crossroads of diversity”

In the afternoon, we honed our communication skills better by putting them into practice. We broke out in small groups and produced messages in creative ways, using the various techniques and lessons we have learnt. We gave feedback to each other, which we think is very valuable.

The evening session was very special to us. Dr Mune from the Green Tara Foundation paid us a visit to talk about the work that she and her staff does. It was very inspiring to hear about their efforts in helping girls in the slums. We are super excited to go visit them tomorrow!

“Identifier vos forces et vos faiblesses pour minimiser les menaces et maximiser les opportunités.”

PILA PATROL (Ali – Canada, Hanna – Belarus, Nurnuha – Malaysia, Doryne – Burundi, Bibi – RDC, Nadine – Rwanda, Jemma – Ireland)

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