Day 2 - Sangam

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21 March 2011

"To understand advocacy there are three simple words, which mean a lot to me: SPEAK OUT, EDUCATE, DO!!” Kerri, Guyana

Today we focused our learning on growing ourselves to become better leaders in WAGGGS. We started by re-acquainting ourselves with the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The activities we had were varied, and were definitely not boring. These activities challenged us to be creative, but it also made us think deeply about issues relevant to our own organizations. We were eager to share with our fellow participants, the efforts we had made (and are currently making), in our countries, to help achieve the MDGs.

In the afternoon, we had very interesting discussions on community leadership and advocacy. We were not only amazed by the work that the Movement has done in this area, we were blown away by the fact that the people here with us are people who have actually made things happen. We drank in every piece of information and the new knowledge we have shared and learnt today, and colored our learning mandalas along the way.

“It is beautiful to see how content can be delivered in an interesting way, and you don’t even realize that time has passed by, you just realize that you have learned. It can be through activities and games.” Juliana, Kenya

In the evening, it was time to unwind as we celebrated the International Night. We learned each other’s dances and songs, acted out popular sports in various countries, and had a taste of different food! We capped the night with the circle of friendship which sealed forever, this strong sisterhood we have forged with each other.

“We found it very interesting to see, that even though we are coming from so many different cultures and environments, we have so many things in common, so we can form partnerships between Member Organizations and we can share so many things.” Juliana, Kenya

Gulabi Patrol (Monica-Denmark; Kerri- Guyana; Bolortuya-Mongolia; Juliana-Kenya; Urska- Slovenia; Shu-Jui ~Taiwan)

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