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Our database of projects contains hundreds of projects by WAGGGS Member Organizations on topics ranging from environment, community outreach and sexual health to management and education. You can search by topic, country and region. Too many projects? Use a keyword to filter the list!

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188 Adolescent Reproductive Health Education
Honduras - Delivering education on adolescent pregnancy and AIDS prevention for young women and children

This project has opened up new guiding groups in different areas of the country, especially in the east and central areas.

This ...
190 Adolescent Pregnancy: "You Decide"
Peru - "Tu Decides" (You Decide) project raises awarenes about adolescent health

The aim is to enable young people to be well informed about sexual health, ready to make responsible decisions about when to have children. The programme ...
191 Distance Learning Course
Philippines - Providing a distance learning course linked to the Association's Leadership programme.

This project was fully funded by: Girl guides/girl scouts Associations in Canada, Finland and Japan.
192 Youth Resource Centre and Internet Café
Uganda - Providing girls and young women opportunities to connect with each other and beyond

This project focused on the provision of a suitable space for young leaders and others to meet within the national headquarters for youth improvement ...
193 Annual Forum For Leaders
The Federação de Bandeirantes do Brasil is planning an event which requires UKP £4775Project objective:To begin working in a new way, finding strategies to develop the Association.To use consultation and discussion to improve the function of the ...
194 Recruitment and Retainment of Girls And Leaders
Cambodia: Ensuring a strong and growing Member Organization

Project objective: To increase the number of members of the Association through the use of orientation sessions. The aim is to increase the number of girls and leaders by 200 each ...
195 Communication Networks
Cambodia: New office equipment aids the smooth running of Headquarters

The Association was seeking funds in order to purchase much needed office equipment for the National Headquarters;
Staff will be trained to use the new equipment once ...
198 Permanent Staff Salary
The Association is seeking £5000 towards salaries for three permanent staff for a duration of two years. This is in order to rejuvenate the Association following the civil war in Côte d'Ivoire.The funds will enable the Association to acheive the ...
199 Refurbishment of Association Hall

This project was funded by Girl Guides of Canada.
1st Brownie Camp Held By Penang Branch of Persatuan Pandu Puteri
As part of the '2008 - Year for Cadet, Undergraduate and Adult Guides: Building Esteem in Young Women,' 70 members of the Penang Branch of Persatuan Pandu Puteri, Malaysia took part in the first camp for Brownies in August 2008. The camp was held at the ...

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