178 Human Rights Education

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Introducido en: 2 Abril 2004

A camp in 2004 was arranged as part of the project on "Education on human rights" as part of WAGGGS' Triennial Theme: Our Rights, Our Responsibilities. Its purpose is to promote knowledge and implementation of rights in the public arena through GG/GS activities.

The objective of the camp was to devise processes to provide information, training for young women in state schools on human rights so they can act as multiplying factors in teaching new skills, knowledge and abilities.

This project was funded by Girlguiding UK.

Organizaciones Miembros trabajando en este proyecto

  • Asociación De Guías Scouts De Bolivia

Regiones que están trabajando en este proyecto

  • Hemisferio Occidental

Temas relacionados con este proyecto

  • Mutual Aid
  • Our Rights Our Responsibilities

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