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i-Lead - WAGGGS' brand new free, open, online leadership course!

Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting is all about growing leaders. We develop girls and young women as leaders from an early age through to adulthood by providing a nurturing and supportive environment, activities, programmes and opportunities for them to grow. 

i-Lead is open to all. Anyone aged 16 and over can log on and register to complete the five stages, Stages 1 to 5, which provide progressively in depth learning opportunities on different aspects of leadership.

i-Lead: free online leadership course! Sign up here.

Module 1 starts with the basics and gets you to think about yourself as a leader and how you can approach the challenge of leading others. You don’t have to be a Girl Guide or Girl Scout or a member of WAGGGS to participate in this course. You are welcome to join if you are a member or non-member and if you are male or female. We want to share our global knowledge and expertise as widely as possible to inspire individuals around the world to fulfil their leadership potential.


What we’ve been told about leadership


WAGGGS carried out a global survey* ahead of International Day of the Girl 2013 and the results revealed the leadership challenges that girls and young women across the world are facing today:


  • 70% think girls and women face more difficulties that boys in reaching leadership positions where they live
  • 45% think girls and women are held back from taking on leadership positions by a lack of confidence in the way they look
  • 13% said there were no female role models where they live
  • 35% said there are not enough safe spaces where girls can be themselves, learn from each other and discover their potential
  • 80% believed there was a gendered difference in leadership characteristics – 90% thought nurturing leaders was a female characteristic, 60% thinking both good communication and being organized are female leadership characteristics


On the positive side girls see themselves as part of the solution:

  • 89% think of themselves as leaders
  • Over 99% said Girls Guiding/Girl Scouting helped them to develop their leadership skills


Course structure

i-Lead consists of 5 modules relasied throughout 2014. 

Module 1: i-Discover is a basic introduction to leadership, focusing on your own personal journey and preparing yourself for leadership challenges.  The course consists of four topic areas divided into seven units:

Topic areas



Introduction to


Unit 1: Introduction to Leadership

Personal Development

Unit 2: Myself as a leader / personal goal setting

Unit 3: Self-esteem / Assertiveness / motivation


Unit 4: Learning in leadership

Unit 5: Leadership theory


Unit 6: Communication basics

Unit 7: Communication across cultures

Module 2: i-Support

Module 3: i-Communicate

Module 4: i-Manage

Module 5: i-Advance

Each unit takes approximately twenty minutes to complete. 

Once you’ve completed the five modules you will:

  • Have an overview of different leadership theories
  • Be a more confident leader
  • Understand concepts such as emotional intelligence
  • Be able to help others to realize their potential as leaders
  • Have a greater understanding of what it means to be a global leader

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i-Lead: free online leadership course! Sign up here.