We are calling YOU to become an Intern!

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15 Julio 2014

Want to live at a World Centre? Want to be absorbed into the local culture? Want to develop your knowledge in Programme, Guest Services or Marketing and Communications?

Said YES to the following? Come to Sangam in India or Our Chalet in Switzerland and become our next Programme, Guest Services or Marketing and Communications Intern!

Sangam Interns

As a ​Programme Intern, you will work within the Programme Team to support the delivery​and  running of International Events and activities that are scheduled throughout the year!​ At Sangam,​ you will also ​get the chance to work and support the Community Programme Participants during their stay​! This internship is idyllic for those who are interested in gaining a hands-on experience in programme and community development!

Both Sangam and Our Chalet are looking for a Programme Intern!

As a Guest Services Intern, you will ensures that everyone who walks through doors of the World Centres has an amazing time! Working with the Guest Services Team you will get the chance to develop your hospitality and administration skills within an international Guiding and Scouting movement. You will provide significant support to Sangam or Our Chalet by be the first port of call for event participants, independent guest, day visitors and volunteers! This internship is perfect for someone who wants to jumps straight into gaining knowledge and practical experience about working within a Guest Services environment!

Both Sangam and Our Chalet are looking for a Guest Services Intern!

As a Marketing and Communications Intern, help promote the spirit of the World Centres through the virtual world and in person! You will work within the teams at the World Centres to ensure high quality promotion and visibility of the Centres that helps to increase guest bookings and participation in International Events. Creative person? Want to use your creativity to help change the world then become the next Marketing and Communication Intern is a perfect answer for you!

 Our Chalet are looking for a Marketing and Communications Intern!

Our Chalet Interns

Watch both Sangam’s Facebook and Twitter and Our Chalet's Facebook and Twitter throughout July to find out more about what our current Programme and Guest Services Intern are up to!

Click here for more information about being an Intern at Sangam or Our Chalet!

Sangam Intern term dates are: 17 December 2014 - 15 April 2015

Our Chalet Intern term dates are: 5 December 2014 - onwards 2015 (3 to 6 months position)

Applications are due on the 1st August. To apply, you must fill out the form attached to this page, and specify which Internship you would like to be considered for.

so apply today and start your World Centre Internship Story!