i-Lead Module 3, i-Communicate, is now available to all

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30 Junio 2014

i-Lead is our free, online leadership coures which is open to all. It is a self directed course designed designed to support users to develop their leadership potential.  Each module is made up of small sessions which are interactive and available for you to complete in your own time. The first two modules are i-Discover and i-Support, which take you through the intrudoction to leadership and different leadership styles. All modules can be taken at anytime, though it is recommended to take them all and in order. 

The third module of i-Lead is i-Communicate and include 6 sessions covering the following topics:

  • Presenting your ideas (main learning points: how to structure and present your ideas in writing and in person)
  • Meeting skills (main learning points: how to plan, participate in, lead and document effective meetings)
  • Negotiation and influencing skills (main learning points: compare different negotiation techniques and identify situations where a leader will use negotiation and influencing)
  • Conflict management (main learning points: describe the symptoms and causes of conflict and some conflict resolution techniques for leaders)
  • Feedback (main learning points: understand the role of feedback in a leadership role, describe different questioning techniques and methods of giving feedback)
  • Communicating in a globalized world (main learning points: describe a community of practice and its benefits, identify ways the technology can benefit your leadership approach, any barriers and how you can use it responsibly)

i-Communicate will provide an in-depth look at the core areas of communication that are essential for a leader to be effective in their role.

Click here to start Module 3

The Module launches on the 30 June - which is also the last day to register for the i-Lead tablet computer competition! See here for more details: http://glow.wagggs.org/mod/page/view.php?id=662.