Lilian Itenya reports On 3rd Africa-Europe Youth Leaders Summit

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24 Abril 2014

3rd Africa-Europe Youth Leaders Summit Lilian Itenya, NIYOA Board Member and WAGGGS Africa  Representative writes “ The  invitation letters indicated Brussels, that  was the venue where all the partners and youth from two continents were meeting. After the Africa Europe Youth Platform meeting  in Addis Ababa  the deliberations were key  for the  JAES  that is Joint Africa Europe support.  It was a great experience having been working in the network with other Youth and having been in the discussions with the groups online, the meeting took place from 31 March to 2nd April 2014.  I met focused visionary and strong youth leaders from both continents to discuss how best to empower the youth within the Africa-EU Partnership. WAGGGS Africa participated in the summit under the umbrella of the Network of International Youth Organizations in Africa (NIYOA), which is a key partner in the Africa- Europe Youth Cooperation.

The youth summit provided a platform for sharing and exchanging of ideas between the two continents. Offering solutions to challenges that face the youth and these challenges are common. The discussions were held under three thematic areas of :  Youth leadership: shall be built up and promoted ; Entrepreneurship/employment; shall be sustained and build prosperous nations and Peace: shall contribute to social peace and be strengthened.

3rd Africa-Europe Youth Leaders Summit The vision for the African and European leaders to include a youth facility in the next phase of the Joint Africa EU Partnership   that  will be interactive, independent and sustainable Africa- Europe Youth Facility that will oversee and manage these resolutions going forward.

The three thematic areas were aligned to the Heads of State theme which was People, prosperity and peace therefore includes all people in matters of our countries including youth and to make our Nations prosper we must be innovative. The main aim was to request the Heads of states and governments meeting at the 4th EU-Africa Summit to build on the success of the Africa-Europe Youth work and address the common youth challenges through establishment of an Africa-EU Youth facility targeting joint actions on the three themes.

The next event will be an African  Leaders meeting in Burkina Faso , as the board , we  would like  to   have our AGM  during that time and  lobby  for support. The Africa Union Youth Ministers Chair mentioned and he said he will inform the Chair, Ms Chantal about it and he will send more information. This year we are not sure we will get the seed funding.  We are looking forward for their support.  Another idea is the Directors of the International Youth Organizations meeting to look at the future of the network being partners of the European Youth Forum we look for greater opportunities and a strong voice for IYOs