Come for our 12 Week Community Programme!

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30 Marzo 2014

Just finished school, university or work? Have some free and not sure what to do? Why not come to Sangam for 12 Weeks and take part in our Community Programme and become a Tare!

The next scheduled dates we have is from 24 August- 24 November 2014!

Look through these photos from our 4 Week February Tare!


Excited? Why not jump right into the culture of India and the excitement of working with one of our Community Partners who you will impact the most with the skills you already have and will develop!

A previous 12 Week Tare describes her experience ‘I love the Community Programme even more as I know how much me and my friends grew as people and to see how much difference we can make to people in very small ways.’

You can find out more information on our Be a Tare page or contact Minakshi, our Community Relations Manager, at