Adult Training, Learning and Development Resource Pool Workshop

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5 Diciembre 2013

Ivy Wasike from Kenya & Zita Szalai from Hungary tell us everything we need to know about ATLD. 

Just what is ATLD?

In early December eighteen experienced trainers from five different regions came together at Pax Lodge to demystify ATLD and to bring it to life in the Member Organizations (MOs). The ultimate aim of the meeting is for this group of young women to form a resource pool to support and work with WAGGGS MOs on their ATLD frameworks.

But are you still wondering what the acronym ATLD stands for? Don't worry, keep reading! We will get there shortly!

To explain this venture in more depth we will tell you what the participants of this workshop have been up to over the past three days. 

The first day we were taken on a "cruise" of WAGGGS Training Policies and we explored the new WAGGGS Policy and Guidelines on Adult Training, Learning and Development.

Are you there yet? Yes! Here we go:

ATLD stands for Adult Training, Learning and Development

After a short overview of current training trends across the world we got an insight into WAGGGS Membership Development Strategy. This was followed by a talk with the Development Executives from each region who shared the situations and challenges they face in relation to adult training, learning and development.

Resouce Pool dec13During the second day the participants had the opportunity to try out a new and innovative method of training: the webinar. In an interesting facilitation, Anne Rise from Denmark joined the meeting virtually. She assisted us in the exploration of the new WAGGGS Adult Training Learning and Development Policy and Guidelines whilst comfortably seated at her home in Denmark.

Some great things we have learned about training:

Have you ever taken learners through a training session and everything seemed boring and didn’t quite work? 

Next time try Blended Learning! This is a combination of face-to-face and online learning. To help us get to grips with this idea we were also shown WAGGGS own e-learning platform GLOW (Global Learning Online for WAGGGS).  In the twenty-first century adult learning is all about innovation. Don't be left behind! Let's come op with wonderful new ideas!

Do you think developing a training framework is as easy as playing a board game?Resource pool game

The answer is YES! On the third day of the ALTD Resource Pool workshop participants were able to develop a framework for a Training of Trainers just by playing a board game. If you don’t believe it take a look at our picture!

Our final session of the day was an insider’s view of the new WAGGGS-DOVE Free Being Me programme. The campaign aims to tackle negative perceptions in girls and young women about the way they look and boost confidence in body image and self-esteem.  

Being aware of initiatives like this are important to adult trainers. Barriers to success such as low self-confidence can be addressed through our training programmes and by supportive the Free Being Me initiative.