International friendship has no end

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4 Diciembre 2013

For years, it was an idea to start a friendship bracelet project to get Guides and Girl Scouts talking about Sangam, but we never had that spark to light the fire until Philippa.

Sangam’s Friendship Bracelet Project started when Philippa Hunt, one of our Sangam Volunteers from Girlguiding UK, said, ‘what about linking this idea with the new WAGGGS Stop the Violence campaign?’ It was in that moment that we decided – ‘yes! Sangam can have a friendship bracelet project!’ It would get Guides and Girl Scouts talking about Sangam, the World Centres, and the WAGGGS Stop the Violence campaign. It would also allow us to have something in our shop to sell for minimal cost when local Guides and Scouts come to visit Sangam. The project was a win all around, but none of us expected what was about to happen.

We announced Sangam’s Friendship Bracelet Project on World Thinking Day 2012. We have been receiving a few packages of bracelets each week since the start of the project. Sometimes a package will arrive with 5 bracelets, other times 100! Our file storange is filled with boxes and boxes and boxes of Friendship Bracelets from all corners of the world and so are the wrists of many of our friends. Guides and Girl Scouts, some as young as 5 years old, have been making bracelets and talking about Sangam during their meetings. The reach our project has is endless!

One rainy monsoon day in 2013, Sangam received an email from Natalia Hicks, one of our newest August 2013 12 Week Community Programme participants from Canada. She said she was bringing a few bags of special Friendship Bracelets. The rest of the email went on to say that these few bracelets were part of over 19,000 bracelets made during a Guinness World Record attempt for the Longest Friendship Bracelet Chain! We could not believe it!

The Girl Guides of Canada in New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island came together at their provincial camp “Bridging Friends Forever” over the summer with the goal of a 5,000 piece long friendship bracelet chain! Before the camp even started, the current Guinness World record was broken by another group. The Girl Guides new goal became 8,000. Girl Guides from all over Canada heard about the new goal and began to send in bracelets to the camp organizers. During the camp they had a huge surprise, they had exceeded their goal. They had over 19,000 bracelets, 19,953 bracelets to be exact! This was 1.829 km of connected friendship bracelets, winding around a field at Snider Mountain Ranch 6 times!

Natalia arrived early in September with the first two big bags of many bracelets.

‘Breaking the Guinness World Record for this longest chain of Friendship bracelets was a really exciting project for both girls and Guiders in NB/PEI! The project exceeded our expectations- 19.953 bracelets. After breaking the record, we knew the bracelets would be sent to Sangam! So there was a purpose to our fun!’ - Natalia




While the rest of the contingent is working on untying the remaining bracelets before sending them to Sangam, it has been announced that it is offically the current Guiness World Record for longest chain of bracelets!

We are sure that Sangam’s Friendship Bracelet Project will continue to grow and we are excited to see where else this Project will take us. You can learn more about our Project here. You can also see our Friendship Project Map and see the reach on our world map!