National Leadership Development Programme Update

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27 Noviembre 2013

Since the pilot programme of the National Leadership development Programme (NLDP) in May 2013, plans have been underway to implement the NLDP across regions. Events are being planned for 2014 and will address:                          NLDP logo                        

  • Strengthening Resource Pools for developing National Boards
  • Developing Member Organisations through Growing Leaders
  • NLDP Train the Trainer events

The NLDP has been designed so that regions can plan their leadership development training to be closely aligned to the identified development needs of their MOs. Building leadership capacity is at the core of this leadership development initiative.

Previous participants of the pilot programme have already delivered training events across their MOs, ranging from:   

  • One day events with national training teams
  • An introduction to NLDP at Camp
  • Using the NLDP tools to train leaders
  • Integrating the NLDP modules into existing Guide’s Personal Development programmes

Events have taken place in a number of countries including: Greneda, Argentina. Slovenia, Lebanon and Malaysia.

Keep an eye out for news of NLDP events in your regions!

 NLDP group May 2013








Trainers at the NLDP workshop May 2013