WAGGGS Fit For Work – Fit For Life Project

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25 Noviembre 2013

WAGGGS Fit for Work  Fit for Life - Ghana Girl Guides AssociationThe Ghana Girl Guides Association from Monday 23rd September – Saturday 28th September, 2013 were privileged to host delegates from India, Togo and Ghana and Marie Paule Rafenarisoa a facilitator from Madagascar for the Fit for work – Fit for life project.  This project is a WAGGGS non-formal education programme on financial literacy, entrepreneurship and employment. Sessions dealt with the different sides of financial literacy and understanding the basic principles of financial literacy including budgeting and planning. Participants will make their Member Organizations understand the concept of microcredit and where it developed from. This will cover understanding the use of microcredit for one's own business and gaining a general understanding on how to deal with lenders and follow-up one's initial approach.

Participants visited Nsawam, Aduagyiri in the eastern region of Ghana, a place popularly known for its involvement in the baking and selling of bread. Baking and selling of bread here dates back to the 1970’s when a woman from the central region resettled in this region and started the trade.  A baker, Miss Ansah told delegates that it is indeed a very good venture and yields a lot of dividends for them as individuals and as a region.

Delegates also visited the National Headquarters of the Ghana Girl Guides Association, located in the Central Business District of Accra. Here, they had the opportunity to visit the Guide Shop where they bought some souvenirs, the Angelina Laryea Memorial Hall – A hall refurbished in the memory of a past commissioner of the Association. The group also visited Accra Mall, a very popular shopping mall located at the Tetteh Quarshie area in Accra.

A grand, colourful international night climaxed all activities for the training. Delegates showcased their rich cultural regalia and performed to the admiration of all. The Chief Commissioner of the association expressed her delight at being a host at such a grand and impressive training and urged all the delegates to go back to their various Member Organizations and practice what was learnt at the training.

Delegates through the knowledge they gained have created a group on Facebook, where they exchange ideas on various projects they are undertaking in their Member Organizations.