GLOW: a learning opportunity for all members

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23 Octubre 2013

GlowGLOW (Global Learning Online for WAGGGS) offers all our members the opportunity to participate in WAGGGS’ online training opportunities.

From Monday 28 October the following courses will be available:

Leadership Online

WAGGGS Leadership Online course consists of four stages. The unique course structure enables participants to develop an understanding of and reflect on a number of core leadership topics through the following features:

  • access to high quality online learning materials and PDF print-outs
  • forum discussions with trained e-facilitators and other participants
  • participation in virtual group work

girl at laptopStage 1 is an open course which introduces the concepts of e-learning and the WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP).  You are also briefed on course content, expectations and Netiquette.

Stages 2 – 4 are closed courses which require you to register, enrol and select a date for participation.  Topics covered include Learning in Leadership, Leading Teams, Communication, Motivation, Delegation, Assertiveness and Feedback. Each stage lasts for two weeks.

Over four-hundred members have already participated in the prototype version of this course and feedback has been very positive.


 WAGGGS Introduction

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts have supported Girls and Young women around the world for over 100 years.

The WAGGGS introduction course introduces you the structure, background and work of our organization:

  • To develop understanding of how we work and what we are working towards
  • To develop understanding of our key areas of work and what they involve
  • To explore how you can get involved


Help course (training on how to use the GLOW platform)

The help course is a technical training session that takes you through the GLOW platform step-by-step explaining navigation and key features to ensure that you can use the GLOW platform with confidence.

Over time, we will be introducing courses in other topic areas with the intention of building up a library of courses which will appeal across our membership.

We hope that you will enjoy taking a look at GLOW and working through our online courses.  

Click here for details of our virtual launch on 28 October 2013.