Happy Birthday Sangam!

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7 Octubre 2013

from_silver_to_goldSangam is 47 years young this 16th of October and we need you to help us celebrate! 

Today we started our first From Silver to Gold event. These events will be running every year until Sangam's 50th Birthday. Our 48th Birthday is already full, but we have space in our 49th!!

While we are busy with our event here in India, this doesn't mean you can't be part of the celebrations! There are plenty of ways you can keep in touch with us!

The Sangam Cup

Join us in a wide-game/scavenger hunt! Get your team together and play with us on Saturday the 12th of October. Seeing this after the registration deadline of the 7th? No worries: email operations@sangamworldcentre.org and use the code SANGELEESAYS and you will be registered! After the 12th of October? No worries either! If you're interested, we'll send you the activities to play!

Explore Your World Centres Webinar

Join Sangam, US Girl Scouts Overseas, and Melinda Caroll in a special WAGGGS World Centres webinar on the 16th of October, Sangam's birthday! Sign up today and join us along with all the World Centres!

World Sangam Day

The 16th of October is World Sangam Day! You can take this time to learn about Sangam, fundraise for Sangam, plan a visit, or even plan an activity or two with your Guides or Girl Scouts! We have numerous resources available on our website all year long! So don't delay! Download them today and get celebrating!


We have a few other exciting surprises in store during the next 12 days so keep watching our facebook, twitter, website and YouTube channel! You never know what might pop up somewhere about our golden birthday!

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