16 Days: Safe Europe iv - Day 10

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5 Diciembre 2012

"Stop the Violence: speak out for girls' rights" Action Plan Seminar - Antwerp, Belgium 29 November - 4 December

Today was a really exciting day because we touched upon a lot of different themes.

We heard presentations from different countries, such as Malta, Cyprus, Belarus, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, the UK, Greece, Armenia, Ireland, Iceland and the Netherlands about their national situations regarding violence against women and girls. The countries all had different approaches, laws and safety nets - but the problem of violence is all over.

The morning started off with an interesting look at the media by forming a collage of the contents of several magazines, comparing the portrayal of men and women in pictures and text. The gender stereotypes were extremely visible, and we continued the conversation about how we could tackle the problems of sexism in the media and society.  

The Stop the Violence badge curriculum will be a useful tool for us when we get back to our home countries.  

Mr Chris Green from the White Ribbon Campaign reminded us about the different ways of pursuing a campaign; you don't always need a lot of money. For example, there is free space for posters. He held a very inspiring presentation on how men and boys can contribute to ending of violence against girls- they are key actors.

We also discussed the lifecycle of a project and wrote down our dreams on t-shirts. (Without a vision actions are just passing time!)

The Yellow Patrol – Finland, Cyprus, Portugal, Iceland, UK, Denmark

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