16 Days to Make Girls Heard: Day 10

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6 Diciembre 2011

Girl Guides of Canada is supporting the16 Days to Make Girls Heard campaign to end violence against girls and women by choosing six Canadian Girl Guides to act as ambassadors for the campaign, under a project called Six Teens for Sixteen.

The six ambassadors are regularly posting their messages about stopping violence against women on WAGGGS’ Facebook page.

Ambassador number four Michelle Yu said the 16 Days campaign will help to start a change that will allow women to feel safe and valued. “Girls deserve to speak up for themselves, they deserve to be treated with respect no matter where they are, and they deserve to stand up for their rights,” she said. “No one should live in fear of violence.”

"A safe environment for everyone"

Hasina was ambassador number one. She said she wanted “to make the world a safe environment for anyone and everyone to live in”. She asked other Girl Guides to take the first step with her toward ending all violence against women.

Ambassador number two was Meghan C, who said that joining together will give people the power to stop violence against women.

You can watch the WAGGGS Facebook page to see further updates from the Canadian ambassadors, or visit the Stop the Violence campaign page and add your own voice to the thousands of people who have already called for an end to violence.