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"Change is the window through which the future enters our lives".                    

Our experiences today affirmed what we’ve come here for – "to build on what we have, to learn from others, and to not lose sight of what we are working so hard to achieve".

Mehendi art at its best!Today we visited other countries through different activities. The WAGGGS Video, "10 Million Girls... 1 Voice", was inspiring. It made us reflect on how important it is to ensure that young people in guiding and scouting continue to enjoy more wonderful opportunities.

It is great to know how guiding and scouting is so popular, so unique yet so united around the world.

Effective influencing made me hug this tree!Our plenary discussion on transforming threats and weaknesses into opportunities and strengths emphasized that anything is possible if we are willing to embrace and manage change. We also have to be ready to make change happen

Our session on effective communication made us realize that in order to influence people, we must genuinely care for them

The best leaders are those who listen well.

Happy 40th Birthday, Sangam!

Celebrating Sangam’s 40th Birthday was very memorable. The staff treated us to a very lively musical presentation. The light from the birthday cake and the sparklers made our day even brighter!

The fun continued with more exciting activities...

Shaking it, Bollywood style!We shared new games and then we grooved through the music of Bollywood Dance (very physical). We embraced more of Indian culture through intricate Mehendi. 

All the things we learnt today certainly left a permanent mark in our lives.

Thank you very much for your messages. Our excitement has not wavered since we have come here. Thank you for making it possible for us to experience this event!

Nila Patrol (Blue)

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