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Wow! How the time has flown! 

In the hot seat - facing the TV camera!Today was a perfect ending to an invigorating and inspiring week. We looked over what we had done during the week and made a start on our plans for the future, while always remembering to stay positive! 

We all completed our Action Plans for when we return home and sent ourselves some postcards!

We also learned about making the perfect Press Release and how to talk in front of a live camera feed. After evaluating the week gone by, it was time for the Sari Tying! Quite an experience! ;-)

One of our aims - "Achieving" a sariUnfortunately, we had to say an early goodbye to four of the participants. We bid them a fond farewell during a small ceremony, at which the JLS 2006 participants presented their gifts to Sangam. 

We wish them a safe journey home and we look forward to hearing from them soon. (Mantoa, we’ll be expecting your call!)

JLS Participants, planning team and Sangam staff in all their glory!To bring our Indian Experience to a conclusion, we then celebrated a dinner in true Maharashtrian style and had an amazing closing ceremony. We each received an envelope with notes from the other participants, Sangam staff and the JLS Planning Team. 

Denise had many kind words to say about all the participants and each received a certificate and a kaleidoscope, which we made earlier in the week and decorated during our free time!

A big THANK YOU to the JLS Planning Team and the staff of Sangam. Also, to the JLS participants for their time, energy and enthusiasm.
Light and colour - our theme for this weekA kaleidoscope of our own!

As we depart from Sangam, we wish all the participants a safe journey home and hope that you will take to heart what you have learnt in Sangam. We leave you with one final thought! In the words of the Chairman of the World Board, Elspeth Henderson, “Remember! This is not the end, it is only the beginning!”
Over and Out!
Narangi Patrol

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