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Today, our first day of the Seminar, we learned that leadership is contagious!

The animal within...Our morning reflection included a game that demonstrated that ideas, energy, and enthusiasm can pass between leaders to inspire new perspectives – a theme that carried through for the rest of the day.  

Inspiration is an important part of creativity, and creativity in itself is a process that requires a person to explore new things, to be open-minded and to believe in themselves.

Speaking of being open-minded, we…
  • Expressed ourselves through our favourite animal.What is it?.... a kaleidescope!
  • Built our own kaleidoscopes to change our view of the world.
  • Made a moving truck and stationary pyramid out of people.
  • Designed a new and improved Brownie uniform (although the technology to create it may not exist for many more years…).
  • We tried new food.
  • We visited a local community.
  • We learned more about our personalities through colours and shapes.
Hard at workWe have also expanded our knowledge about WAGGGS and been reminded that we share a connection that is based upon our common Mission and Vision. 

We are 42 young women among 10 million members of WAGGGS worldwide
, and we hope to help shape the voice that speaks on behalf on these women in the months and years to come. 

Our experiences this week, including brainstorming, crafts, discussions, drama, music and games will also contribute to the development of the WLDP (WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme) – a new initiative to help share best practice about leadership with our members around the world.
Thank you very much to everyone who has shared their thoughts and best wishes with us so far. Your comments and insights are very welcome and we hope to hear from more of you in the days to come!

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