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Action '15

31 Julio 2015 - 9 Agosto 2015

An international camp for boys and girls aged 11 till 18. The camp will take place from July 31 till August 9, 2015. The program will be daring, exciting and full of action. Only 300 people can sign in, so be quick. Follow us on www.facebook.com/action2015
Olave 2015

1 Agosto 2015 - 7 Agosto 2015

Olave 2015 is an international camp for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts aged 10 to 17 years. This times camp will be based around the theme wind, water, earth and fire.
Olave 2015

1 Agosto 2015 - 8 Agosto 2015

Back by Popular demand. Olave 2015, Girlguiding Sussex East’s 7th international camp will be based around wind, water, earth and fire, and we are currently in the planning stages of what the week of fun and adventure will look like.
Free Being Me Festival

17 Agosto 2015 - 21 Agosto 2015

Free Being Me Festival
Great Bunya Gathering 2015

25 Septiembre 2015 - 3 Octubre 2015

Girl Guides Australia is inviting WAGGGS Member Organizations to participate in their international jamboree "Great Bunya Gathering" from 25 September - 3 October 2015 in Queensland, Australia.
Guiding Mosaic 2016

9 Julio 2016 - 17 Julio 2016

Guiding Mosaic 2016 is a national international camp designed for 1,800 + Canadian Pathfinders, Rangers, and their Guiders, supported by a core crew of 350 adult members. In addition, we anticipate welcoming 100 + International girls and Guiders.
FLAME 2016

23 Julio 2016 - 29 Julio 2016

Flame 2016 is Girlguiding Hampshire West's sixth international camp.
Finnjamboree 2016

25 Julio 2016 - 31 Julio 2016

National jamboree of the Guides and Scouts of Finland. We are expecting over 15 000 participants to this event held in the latter part of July 2016 (the exact dates have not been decided yet).
Poacher International Jamboree 2017

4 Julio 2017 - 4 Agosto 2017

Poacher 2017 is Lincolnshire's 10th International Jamboree. Returning to the Lincolnshire Showground, with hundreds of activities on offer throughout the jam-packed week, Poacher is the adventure of a lifetime.
WS 2017 Scout & Guide International Camp

5 Agosto 2017 - 12 Agosto 2017

WS camps have been held in West Sussex for more than 30 years and feature as a high point in the County Scout and Guide programme. It is an international experience for young people from around the world, joining in a week of activities together including: Water activities, Abseiling, climbing, Archery, Parascending and other adventurous & challenging activities. Plus cultural activities, sub-camp competitions, musical entertainments, social events, live bands, discos, crafts and even more.

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