Evento de Amistad Internacional

30 Julio 2012 - 7 Agosto 2012

Durante el año se realizan eventos de Amistad para Guias entre 13 y 18 años miembros de la AMGS. Este es el único evento que le da la bienvenida a Guias entre 10 y 18 años de edad acompañadas con sus guiadoras.
Vis tes rêves!

27 Julio 2012 - 31 Julio 2012

Do you want to have a great time in camp with a French unit and to participate with us to our national jamboree? For all guides and scouts from 11 to 14 years old - 17000 people expected. Theme: Be proud! - Dream! - Dare!
Discover Your Potential II

23 Julio 2012 - 1 Agosto 2012

Experience working together as part of the international guiding movement. Discover how much you can achieve by supporting a community action project. Imagine all this in an Indian environment, where expectations towards organization, time and quality may be different than you have experienced before. Build friendships of a lifetime as you work in teams to support Sangam and its community partners.

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