Olave Baden-Powell Society

16 Agosto 2013

In 2014 supporters of the Olave Baden-Powell Society will come together for the event in Hong Kong. This event is special with time and place as it will coincide with the 35th World Conference. OB-PS event will take place from 6th - 9th July, 2014.
Discover your Potential IV

12 Agosto 2013 - 21 Agosto 2013

This is a Sangam Community Leadership event.
10th Africa Regional Conference

11 Agosto 2013 - 17 Agosto 2013

Regional Conference is the governing body of the region. Once every three years the Regional Conference brings together representatives of all Members organizations who determine the strategies for the development of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting in the region.
Summer Events 2013 - Swiss Challenge

18 Junio 2013 - 28 Agosto 2013

Experience everything you have always imagined of the perfect Swiss: Challenge, Adventure, Holiday,The Alps, International Event, Fun and culture, while meeting news friends and having the time of your life!

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